Our web app that we are building is having a lot of its assets served via S3. When looking at them in Chrome they are being served via HTTP and not http/2.

Is there a config setting in S3 or a header that we could pass that would tell S3 to attempt to serve assets via http/2 if the client supports it?

I'm having issues finding any resources online about how to do this or if it's even possible.


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  1. Serve via CloudFront, there is a manual in the article

    New – HTTP/2 Support for Amazon CloudFront

  2. Serve via your own proxy. Nginx configuration for such magic is deeply explained here:

    Nginx proxy Amazon S3 resources

In both options you should have SSL certificate generated for the domain you use to serve resources from S3.


I guess you need direct S3 access using HTTP2 rather than using a proxy server. I was looking for such feature too but it seems that AWS S3 do not have HTTP2 support yet. BTW, google cloud storage have this feature though.

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