During writing unit tests for ASP.NET Core application I realized that the ViewData is accessable from ViewResult but ViewBag is not.

My HomeController:

public class HomeController : Controller
    private readonly IHeroRepository _heroItems;
    private readonly IQuestRepository _questItems;

    public HomeController(
        IHeroRepository heroItems,
        IQuestRepository questItems)
        _heroItems = heroItems;
        _questItems = questItems;

    public async Task<IActionResult> Index()
        var recentHeroesVM = await _heroItems.GetRecentHeroesAsync(2);
        ViewBag.QuestSelectList = await _questItems.GetSelectListAsync();
        return View(recentHeroesVM);

My testing class:

public class HomeController_Index
    public async Task Index_ReturnsAViewResult_WithAListOfRecentHeros()
        // Arrange
        var mockHeroRepo = new Mock<IHeroRepository>();
        var mockQuestRepo = new Mock<IQuestRepository>();
        var recentHerosCount = 2;
            repo => repo.GetRecentHerosAsync(recentHerosCount))
        var controller = new HomeController(mockHeroRepo.Object, mockQuestRepo.Object);

        // Act
        var result = await controller.Index();

        // Assert
        var viewResult = Assert.IsType<ViewResult>(result);

        // No definition error below.
        var questSelectListVB = Assert.IsAssignableFrom<SelectList>(

    private IEnumerable<HeroViewModel> GetTestItems()
        var items = new List<HeroViewModel>
            new HeroViewModel
                Name = "First Hero",
            new HeroViewModel
                Name = "Second Hero",
        return items;

Question 1: Why there is no ViewBag property in ViewResult when in the ASP.NET MVC version of ViewResult class there is clearly one (MSDN)?

Question 2: How I am supposed to test the ViewBag when I have no access to it?

  • What is type of viewResult? Have you tried to specify type explicitly ViewResult viewResult = Assert.IsType<ViewResult>(result); (and likely get compile time error) ? – Alexei Levenkov Aug 3 '17 at 1:41

Question 1: Still a mystery for me. More like question for Core developers.

Question 2:

"The ViewBag property is a wrapper around ViewData that provides a dynamic view over that collection. It is not a separate collection." - ASP.NET Core Docs

So it is one object. Since there is no ViewBag property in ViewResult (a reminder - we are talking here about Core version), access it in ViewData dictionary style:

var questSelectListVB = Assert.IsAssignableFrom<SelectList>(viewResult.ViewData["QuestSelectList"]);

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