everyone! I'm trying to become familiar with TinyOS. I'd like to know the difference between uint8_t and uint16_t.

Thank you in advance :-)


Just for the sake of thoroughness:

Data types come in many shapes and sizes. The two you are referring to are of types unsigned 8 bit integer and unsigned 16 bit integer.

An integer is a whole number that can be positive or negative; however, in the case of types an unsigned integer can only be positive as it does not designate space for a sign (i.e. a negative sign). 8 bit and 16 bit refer to the amount of space the integer takes up in memory. An unsigned 8 bit integer's values can be 0 - 255 while an unsigned 16 bit integer can hold values from 0 - 65,535 (Side note: If you are familiar with networking you may notice that 65,535 is the largest port number possible. This is due to the fact a port number is an unsigned 16 bit integer.)

Hope this helps.

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