I was a bit surprised that my JMeter 3.1 scripts didn't work in 3.2.

What is the reason of removing SOAP/XML-RPC Sampler in JMeter 3.2? Is there some performance issue etc?

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This is part of the JMeter's change due to remove support of HTTPClient 3.1.

SOAP/XML-RPC Request has been removed as part of Bug 60727. Use HTTP Request element as a replacement.

See Building SOAP request for more details.

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If you want to create/update SOAP XML RPC Requests with new jmeter versions then do following things.

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open Templates(right side top under 'File')--> Select Template Dropdown--> Building a SOAP WebService Test Plan ->Click on Create --> The Sample SOAP test plan with get created.

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Under Number of Users -->HTTP Request(SOAP Request) sample will get created.

Note: sample http link of weather api is now changed, So you cant see any response.

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SOAP API option has been deprecated from JMeter updated version.

SO if you have any previous script for the API, then it will not work in updated versions of Jmeter.

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