I am trying to follow this blog about implementing a modal dialog in angularJS. I am using angularJS 1.6.

I've added angular bootstrap by adding "ui-bootstrap-tpls-2.5.0.js" (I've also tried "ui-bootstrap-2.5.0.js") into my includes. When I reference $modal in an angular service or controller, I get this error:

Error: [$injector:unpr] Unknown provider: $modalProvider <- $modal <- 

My service looks like this, pretty much a copy from the blog:

var servicesInstance = angular.module('obdPortletApp');  

servicesInstance.service('ModalService', ['$modal',
    function ($modal) {

So I am not sure what is missing. Perhaps that blog is wrong, out of date, etc....

Google yields an overwhelming number of hits. Every one has a different implementation, different library to download. Quite frankly, its rather frustrating for something that should be straight forward. Any direction on a simple why to implement modal dialog would be appreciated.

btw bootstrap isn't a requirement. Whatever is easier....

Thnx Matt


The blog you are referencing is out of date. Several months ago, UI-Bootstrap introduced a breaking change that added prefixes to their services and components.

In your case, you want $uibModal instead of $modal.

var servicesInstance = angular.module('obdPortletApp');  

servicesInstance.service('ModalService', ['$uibModal',
    function ($uibModal) {

Please refer to the current UI-Bootstrap documentation for their modals.


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  • Thank you. That link will be useful as well. – tatmanblue Aug 3 '17 at 20:00

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