I have a website foo.com and I need to redirect all the connections from browsers with TLS 1.0 to foo.com/specific-page. I checked the Apache documentation and I can disable the TLS protocol, but there is any way to force a redirect to a specific page using apache configuration? In a first attempt I tried to make the redirect using code on the application using javascript but since this is client side, this is not a real blocker of TLS 1.0. The second approach was on netscaler but since the page that I want to redirect is on the same domain, the netscaler can't block TLS 1.0 and redirect to a sub page inside the same domain.

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See this gist: https://gist.github.com/SamuelChristie/13a2a29e74c189bcfd9b#apache

Apache's mod_ssl offers environmental variables which can provide details related to the current SSL/TLS connection. Adding the following lines to your conf file (be sure you are using mod_headers) will inject two new headers into the incoming request. You can then use X-SSL-Protocol in your Perl, PHP, Python, etc. to assess whether or not a warning should be displayed.

SSLOptions +StdEnvVars
RequestHeader set X-SSL-Protocol %{SSL_PROTOCOL}s
RequestHeader set X-SSL-Cipher %{SSL_CIPHER}s

Sample PHP to read the TLS version (as with rails, PHP/CGI also changes the header name):

$tlsversion = $_SERVER["HTTP_X_SSL_PROTOCOL"];

Even simpler with nginx:

if ($ssl_protocol != "TLSv1.2") {
    return 302 https://example.com/outdated-tls.html;
  • I know that with nginx is even simpler. however, I'm only using Apache. The question is there is any configuration on the apache itself that allows this feature
    – X-Pippes
    Aug 28, 2017 at 13:09

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