I just downloaded version 10.0 for opensuse v. 11.3. I can convert a webpage (ie www.google.com) using it but cannot convert a local file. I grant all permissions on the file (& i've even tried running under sudo to no avail). This is the error:

"Loading pages (1/6) Error: Failed loading page file:///file.html".

The file exists but wkhtmltopdf refuses to load it. I even tried version 9.9 w/ the same result

What am I missing?

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    did you omit the full path on purpose? currently it looks like your file is placed in the root of the file system – Uku Loskit Dec 29 '10 at 0:44

You need to provide the full path: file:// does not make use of the current working directory, but it specifies the path to the file from the root of the file system.


Just as a notice to any future people. I couldn't get the above answer working on Ubuntu 14.04, so I resorted to piping my HTML to the wkhtmltopdf command like so:

cat test.html | wkhtmltopdf - test.pdf

This is from the wkhtmltopdf command-line help:

Use - for stdin or stdout

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