I'd like to have the comment box fit the comments just right (no extra space at the bottom).

I know there is the .AutoSize but I want the maximum width to be 300.

Here is the code I have,

For Each mycell In myRng.Cells
    If Not (mycell.Comment Is Nothing) Then
      With mycell.Comment.Shape
        .TextFrame.AutoSize = True
        If .width > 300 Then
          lArea = .width * .height
          .width = 300
          .height = (lArea / 300)
        End If
      End With
    End If
Next mycell

mycell and myRng are Range datatypes, lArea is Long.

Now, this works relatively well but leaves extra space at the bottom of a number of comments because the area the AutoSized text takes up is different from the area of the AutoSized comment box.

Is there a way to check for blank space inside a comment and then trim it? Or is what I have the best it is going to be?

  • Perhaps try ...Comment.Text = Trim(...Comment.Text)? – BruceWayne Aug 4 '17 at 22:00
  • 1
    I had a similar issue and solved it by writing a word-wrap routine. So the comment is auto-sized and no extra blank space at the bottom; and the width is limited. – Ron Rosenfeld Aug 5 '17 at 0:00

try this ... test comment has been placed in cell E4

discovered by putting Range("e4").Comment.Shape.TextFrame in the Watch window

Sub testComment()

    With Range("e4").Comment.Shape

        .TextFrame.AutoSize = True

        lArea = .Width * .Height

        .Width = 300
        .Height = (lArea / .Width)       ' used .width so that it is less work to change final width

        .TextFrame.AutoMargins = False
        .TextFrame.MarginBottom = 0      ' margins need to be tweaked
        .TextFrame.MarginTop = 0
        .TextFrame.MarginLeft = 0
        .TextFrame.MarginRight = 0
    End With
End Sub

there is an autosizefunction.

here is a small code to show how to use:

Dim Rg_Com as Range , Rg_Value as Range
Set Rg_Com = Cells(1,1)
Set Rg_Value = Cells(1,2)

'Comment in A1 will be same as Text in B1:
With Rg_Com
    With .Comment
        .Text Text:=Rg_Value.Value2
        .Shape.TextFrame.AutoSize = True  '<<< just to make all text visible in one comment, all chars having the basic size
    End With
End With

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