Trying to make a desktop slideshow screensaver. Instead of the same pictures time and time again I thought it would be cool to pull from an Instagram feed.

RSS feeds can be used to get live data from sites like Facebook, twitter, etc. I was wondering if there is a way to have a similar effect for downloading Instagram photos.

What I need:

  • Program that updates once a day

  • Searches a specific Instagram account, or multiple

  • Downloads the latest 10 photos for example

  • Removes old photos (so the folder doesn't get oversized)

That way Windows can pull the photos from that folder to use for a slideshow.

Anyone have any ideas how to accomplish this? Or how to go about accomplishing this?


Outdated, Unfortunately Instagram changed it's settings and now this no longer works

Turns out it's far easier than that. A program called


Has this capability and more

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