In a private chat (a user and a Bot) is it possible to delete user messages (or text commands after pressing a custom keyboard button)to keep the chat clean and more readable? I'm looking for a solution that acts like inline keyboard mechanism (a label for the button and a command to send). I have tested the deletemessageasync and i was able to remove the Bot sent messages, but couldn't remove user messages. Any idea?


In private chats a bot can delete only his own messages. in a group or supergroup he can delete only his own messages as normal users; he can delete messages from anyone if he is an administrator.

If your goal is to keep chat clean, there are no other solutions than using inline keyboards and editing messages.


Not possible to delete others message in Telegram, bots don't have more permission than normal users.

BTW, if you are in Supergroup, you can use deleteMessage method when you have external permission.

  • Thank you .. ill mail this as a suggestion to telegram developers – Mohsen K Aug 7 '17 at 6:31

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