I have a list of Terms that are returned by a query. Each is a single word. Currently my FlatList renders each word into a button on the same row (horizontal={true}) I would like the buttons to wrap like normal text would. But I absolutely do not want to use the column feature, because that would not look as natural. Is this possibly a bad use-case for FlatList? Are there any other components I could use?

const styles = StyleSheet.create({
  flatlist: {
    flexWrap: 'wrap'
  content: {
    alignItems: 'flex-start'

render() {

    return (
        <Header searchBar rounded iosStatusbar="light-content" androidStatusBarColor='#000'>
            <Icon name="ios-search" />
            <Input onChangeText={(text) => this.setState({searchTerm: text})} value={this.state.searchTerm} placeholder="enter word"/>
            <Icon name="ios-people" />

            <Button transparent onPress={this._executeSearch}>

        <FlatList style={styles.flatlist} contentContainerStyle={styles.content}
            horizontal={true} data={this.state.dataSource} renderItem={({item}) =>



One error message amongst others I've gotten is:

Warning: flexWrap:wrap`` is not supported with the VirtualizedList components.Consider using numColumns with FlatList instead.


How I was able to wrap the components was like below

flatlist: {
   flexDirection: 'column',

and in my FlatList component added this props


Unfortunately flexWrap is indeed unsupported in FlatLists. We are recommended to use a ScrollView instead of a FlatList to create this effect. This is the issue: https://github.com/facebook/react-native/issues/13939

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