Using the Memcheck function of Qt Creator returns the following:

valgrind: Bad option: --xml=yes, but no XML destination specified
valgrind: --xml=yes has been specified, but there is no XML output
valgrind: destination.  You must specify an XML output destination
valgrind: using --xml-fd, --xml-file or --xml-socket.
valgrind: Use --help for more information or consult the user manual.
Analyzing finished.
** Unknown error **

Is there something in the configuration that hasn't been set properly, or is this a Qt Creator bug? I can't see anywhere in the settings where I could possibly inject a command line argument or set the XML file output.


It's due a xml-socket bug in valgrind-3.13.

For now, you can downgrade to valgrind-3.12 if you want to use valgrind without any problems.

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