I'm trying to launch the ios simulator to try an React Native App. I did't hace XCode installed until now.

To install my simulator, I had installed XCode, and I started a project "Simulator", to push "next" I needed a company name, I put "simu", after that, I clicked on "Project > Run", and I could see my simulator run.

In my CLI, when I launch the command yarnpkg run ios, I get this error:

Simulator is installed but is identified as 'simu.Simulator'; don't know what that is.
23:55:17: Failed to start simulator:

Unable to verify Xcode and Simulator installation.

I removed all my simulators, but the name persists, I had search how to change the identificator, but I dont find results.

I would like to know if I can change the "simu.Simulator" to Simulator, someone can help me?

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The issue you might be facing is there might not be command line tools selected in your xCode Preferences. In Preferences -> Location, Choose command line tool

enter image description here


By default, after installing Xcode command-line not selected, so open Xcode and go to Preferences >> Locations and set Command Line Tools...

This worked for me in MAC High Sierra, Xcode Version 9.3:


Press i to open iOS emulator...

Press a to open Android device or emulator, or i to open iOS emulator.

And You can see a cool new iPhone simulator like below image:

React Native prints, I'm Alireza Dezfoolian, a Front End Developer!


For Expo 32, the other solutions didn't work for me.

This SO answer solved it for me: Just open the Simulator before invoking it from Expo.


If the answer provided https://stackoverflow.com/a/45537180/11547611, does not work and you already have command line tools selected in XCode, try this command in the terminal, npx expo start --ios Basically, in my case I did not have Expo Go on the ios simulator, so it downloaded that, and ran my app.


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