How can I remove IMAGE_DEBUG_DIRECTORY data from .rdata section of PE?

I am using MS Visual Studio 2015. I did check almost all compile options of project properties. But IMAGE_DEBUG_DIRECTORY data still exists in my output executable file...

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you can do this by set undocumented Linker Option /EMITPOGOPHASEINFO. so go to linker command line and insert this string (/EMITPOGOPHASEINFO) in additional options. this option suppress pgo (Profile-Guided Optimizations) section in pe

read also : Pogo aka PGO aka Profile Guided Optimization and Walkthrough: Using Profile-Guided Optimizations

and of course you must not Generate Debug Info - use /DEBUG linker option - so sure that no /DEBUG option in linker command line. or alternatively use /DEBUG:NONE /EMITPOGOPHASEINFO combination - in this case must not be IMAGE_DEBUG_DIRECTORY in pe file

  • Omg! Thanks. I learned a lot from you. With the /EMITPOGOPHASEINFO compilation option, I could remove IMAGE_DEBUG_TYPE_ data from .rdata section. But IMAGE_DEBUG_DIRECTORY data still exists...
    – ChangUk
    Aug 8, 2017 at 2:11
  • @ChangUk - are you use /DEBUG linker option ? I assume that you remove it - it well known. you must remove it - must not be /DEBUG in command line. or /DEBUG:NONE /EMITPOGOPHASEINFO
    – RbMm
    Aug 8, 2017 at 6:52
  • I set 'No' at "Linker > Debugging > Generate Debug Info" property... In spite of absence of /DEBUG option, IMAGE_DEBUG_DIRECTORY data is still alive...
    – ChangUk
    Aug 8, 2017 at 7:23
  • 1
    @ChangUk - yes, /OPT:NOREF and /LTCG typical for release build. whrn your initial option related to debug build
    – RbMm
    Aug 8, 2017 at 11:14
  • 1
    @IgorLevicki so bug at all not in /EMITPOGOPHASEINFO (it work as excepted). bug in /emitvolatilemetadata option (by default it on) - with this option generated some symbol ( __volatile_metadata ) in .rdata section. but not incremented count of section. if and without this option .rdata exist - all is ok. but if no .rdata in your PE - will be wrong count of section
    – RbMm
    Oct 16, 2023 at 13:13

As of Visual Studio 2022 version 17.3 this workaround no longer works because it produces corrupt executable (IMAGE_RESOURCE_DIRECTORY entry is invalid and neither Windows Explorer nor resource manipulation tools can find the .rsrc section even though it is still present in the file).

The workaround is to use the CFF Exlporer from the Explorer Suite. Despite claiming it's version III, it is actually version VIII, only the standalone CFF Explorer is older than the one bundled in the Suite.

Once you have installed the suite, removing the IMAGE_DEBUG_DIRECTORY is really easy.

  • Right-click the executable, select Open with CFF Explorer from the context menu

    CFF Explorer

  • Click on Data Directories in the left pane

  • Right-click on Debug Directory RVA, and select Remove Debug Directory

  • Click File then Save As... and save under a new name

Important: Make sure you thoroughly test the new executable before replacing the original.

  • visual studio only integrated shell editor and unrelated here at all. It’s ignorant to write about the studio version in this context. you can only write about linker version. i dont know why you got "corrupt" image and strong doubt that /EMITPOGOPHASEINFO related to this. how minimum with 14.36.32532.0 link.exe version all is ok
    – RbMm
    Oct 14, 2023 at 18:22
  • It is not ignorant to say that the latest linker version shipping with specific VS version (17.3 and higher) now has different behavior. It is ignorant to assume that I have not made a reproducible test case for the issue before writing about it here. Oct 15, 2023 at 19:39
  • ignorant write about vs version, but not about linker version
    – RbMm
    Oct 15, 2023 at 19:47

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