I am trying to map URL's in a dynamic way as follows, consider that I am trying to access with different URL's




From the above URL's I want to show different Login.htm page to the different user. Here in above URL's there is only change in request of XYZ, PQR and ABC and rest of all is same, So this will be handled at class level @RequestMapping annotation of the controller class as per my knowledge . If I manage to pass value dynamically to @RequestMapping annotation so I think I can achieve what I want to .

Please, can anyone suggest me how can I get dynamically value in the @RequestMapping annotation? Or any other suggestion to get Different Login page when URL changes.


You can use path variable matching

@RequestMapping(value = "/MyApp/{id}/Login.htm", method = GET)
public String getFoosBySimplePathWithPathVariable(
  @PathVariable("id") String id) {
    return id;

See documentation:

  • Thank you for reply @Boaz. Can you please elaborate this means what should I pass a value for id as pathVariable? – Robert Aug 7 '17 at 9:14
  • @Robert, did you read the documentation that Boaz has provided? It will give you the answers. – DaveyDaveDave Aug 7 '17 at 9:48

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