I'm using a hosting, where I have 60MB RAM

My Rails3 app is using 63MB RAM.

I want to optimize it, but How I can find out, what code part takes most memory ?

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    that doesn't solve the problem, How should an bigger hosting find out what eats most memory ? Read more carefully the questions – astropanic Dec 30 '10 at 14:33

it depends on your rack middleware, but I'm not sure.

Plugins which helps you to log your memory usage on Github: Oink, MemoryLogic, Bleak_house.

For sure I would try a Caching plugin! Rack-cache seems a really pure one, find it on Github.

Read this ruby/ruby on rails memory leak detection

Ruby Enterprise Edition may halp, but I don't know your hosting provider. For first shot I found this for Passenger: sudo passenger-memory-stats Have you tried hosting on Heroku?

Sorry for not giving any url, but system didn't allow me. Good luck, gezope

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