This question is very basic because I am at a very basic level. I have to read the contents of a file with a *.pam extension. It's not common, that's a file generated by a specific program and it has a fixed size of xx KB. There are some numbers and values inside it.

I need to read this file and so I am going to use TStreamReader. Of course I need to know the structure of the file but I don't. By the way I have the picture above that is a part of a table with useful info:

enter image description here

The meaning is the following: once you've opened the file, go to a specific address and get the data. For example, in 0x30 I can find the data about 'Move 1 Current PP'. My question is: how do I jump to a given address?

procedure TForm1.Button1Click(Sender: TObject);
var sw: TStreamReader;

 sw := TStreamReader.Create('C:\aaa\myfile.pam', TEncoding.UTF8);

  sw.Position := 0;


I have seen in the documentation that there is something like Seek and Position but it seems that I cannot use them. In general I would use

while not(sw.EndOfStream) do

This starts from the beginning and it reads the data in seqence. How can I jump to a specific address and read the content? I guess that I can pass the hex address to a function like Seek, so I can go to a specific point. Then I can just retrieve the data.

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    TStreamReader is a helper class for reading textual data. Your file is not text, it is binary. Use TFileStream directly instead, then you can use Seek/Position – Remy Lebeau Aug 7 '17 at 16:50

If the file content is binary (as opposite to textual) do not use any kind of text encoding options.

In the following example I use TFileStream to handle the file and to read selected parts of the file. The procedure ReadBuffer() method has overloads that takes either an untyped buffer or a buffer of type TBytes. It raises an EReadError exception if requested number of bytes can not be read.

  fn: TFileName;
  fs: TFileStream;
  b: byte;
  bf: array[0..3] of word;
  ReadResult: integer;
  fn := 'c:\tmp\MyMagicalFile.pam';
  fs := TFileStream.Create(fn, fmOpenRead or fmShareDenyWrite);
    fs.Seek($28, soFromBeginning);    // move to offset $28 in the file
    fs.ReadBuffer(bf, 8);             // read 4 x 2 bytes into buffer (bf)
                                      // fs.Position is at this point at $30
    fs.ReadBuffer(b, 1);              // read one byte (at offset $30) into the buffer (b)
  // use b and bf as needed

As in the code above, you jump to a given position in the file by using the Seek() method. The position is automatically updated when reading (or writing). SeekOptions are soFromBeginning, soFromCurrent and soFromEnd. For other details see System.Classes.TFileStream.

  • Thank you very much, you have saved my day Tom ;) the "documentation" of the file says that the data are stored in little endian so I guess that jumping as you do it perfectly fine. Am I correct? – Emma Rossignoli Aug 7 '17 at 15:28
  • You might be interested in TBinaryReader. – Victoria Aug 7 '17 at 18:08
  • Thanks @Victoria for the notification. Admittedly this has slipped by somehow, probably because I have my library from past years with similar functionality. I guess it was added sometime XE..XE3, which I did not install. It exists in XE4 – Tom Brunberg Aug 7 '17 at 19:39
  • This is not generic enough it is for a certain path ('c:\tmp\MyMagicalFile.pam';) – AlexCode Feb 16 '18 at 11:35

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