I have a component triggered with v-on:click="someMethod".

How would I get the mouse coordinates (X, Y) of this click?

Additional information: HTML5 Canvas component


Vue passes the event as the first parameter in the method. If parameters, use this instead: someMethod(param1, param2, event)

methods: {
    someMethod(event) {
        // clientX/Y gives the coordinates relative to the viewport in CSS pixels.
        console.log(event.clientX); // x coordinate
        console.log(event.clientY); // y coordinate

        // pageX/Y gives the coordinates relative to the <html> element in CSS pixels.

        // screenX/Y gives the coordinates relative to the screen in device pixels.
  • This works, but if you have parameters in your HTML code, you need to use $event. For example: <canvas @click="someMethod(param1, param2, $event)"> You can then create someMethod(param1, param2, event) in your methods section. – Camoen Dec 22 '19 at 0:42

Like you would in any event handler

new Vue({
  el: '#element',
  methods: {
    someMethod: function (event) {
      var x = event.pageX;
      var y = event.pageY;

There's also clientX and screenX, they return somewhat different results based on the viewport, the screen or the rendered content.

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