Recently got started on MapGuide. Kind of lost. The amount of information available on the web is overwhleming. My requirement is to use custom maps of a campus and building and navigate from a campus view to the floor levels and floor plans of that building. Please let me know how can I create a map service with my building images using MapGuide. Also want to use OpenLayers to render it on the browser.

Pl let me know.


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    First of all you need to create/setup map feature on mapguide then set up the feature layer on openlayers
    – Gajahlemu
    Jan 25, 2011 at 14:10

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That link loops one back around to an open layers example that does not address proper use or even an example of using WFS.

I have been looking and asking for a VALID (complete) example of using a MapGuide WFS as an open layers vector source.

No one has yet provided a working sample.


Here is some information about using MapGuide wth Openlayers


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