I am trying to calculate business days between two days. Successfully, I calculated the days without Saturday and Sunday from this question(Calculate the number of weekdays between 2 dates in R), and now I am trying to implement national holidays into this code. How can I add national holidays into here?

I used this code to calculate weekdays.

Nweekdays <- function(a, b) {
  sum(!weekdays(seq(a, b, "days")) %in% c("Saturday", "Sunday"))}

Updated your function a bit so holidays can be added...

Nweekdays <- function(a, b, holidays, weekend) { 
  possible_days <- seq(a, b, "days")
  # Count all days that are not weekend and
  # are not holidays
  sum(!weekdays(possible_days) %in% weekend & !possible_days %in% holidays)

weekend <-  c("Saturday", "Sunday")
holidays <- as.Date(c("2017-12-31", "2017-12-24", "2017-07-04"))
Nweekdays(as.Date("2017-08-01"), as.Date("2017-12-31"), holidays, weekend)
[1] 109

While the Gregorian calendar is pretty global, the definition of weekend and holidays is dependent on country, region, etc.

  • Thanks! I tried to reflect the caluculation to all the rows, and got "Error in seq.Date(a, b, "days") : 'from' must be of length 1" Do you know any idea of this error? StartDate <- as.Date(df$StartDate) EndDate <- as.Date(df$EndDate) df$Business_Days<- Nweekdays(StartDate, EndDate, holidays, weekend) – Marie Aug 7 '17 at 22:41
  • The function above does what you ask for in original question. Hard to help you more when I don't know the shape of your data.frame. – sindri_baldur Aug 7 '17 at 22:45

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