I want this using jss styling.

height: 20px;
height: 40px;
width: 100px;

Try 1

Make a rule c and add the class to both a and b

c: {
width: '100px'

Try 2

Make a object common and merge them to both a and b rule

const common = {
   width: '100px',

a: {
height: '20px',
b: {
height: '40px',

Is there any better way possible ?

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How about extend plugin (enabled by default)?


const styles = {
  buttonColor: {
    background: 'red'
  button: {
    extend: 'buttonColor',
    fontSize: '20px'

A simpler alternative that I feel is easier to parse would be to set the key to be a String by wrapping in quotes:

'.a, .b': {
   width: 100px; 

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