Currently, when I open a .jsx file the default language is plain JavaScript. Is there a way to set the editor to change the language based on the file extension?

Ideally, I can put this setting in both my local setting config file OR the workspace specific config file.

The version I am using is Version 1.15.0-insider (1.15.0-insider).


Within VS Code, in the bottom right of the window you will see a smiley face - to the left of that is the language the currently visible file is associated with (e.g. JavaScript). Ensure your currently opened file is a .jsx file.

Clicking this will reveal a menu at the top. Click the Configure File Association for '.jsx'..., and then choose "JavaScript React".

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Press cntrl + , and add this to user settings JSON file:

"files.associations": {
    "*.js": "javascriptreact"

like this: enter image description here

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  • cntrl + does not work in Mac. Can you please provide a solution for mac too ? – Dr. Younes Henni Jul 30 at 10:12

The setting goes to config file should be something like below,

"files.associations": {
    "*.jsx": "javascriptreact"
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    it saved my day. – Soorena Aug 1 '18 at 18:53

Instead of the config file, I do click on the extensions in the bottom right of the window. Then click on configure File Association for '.jsx' and he asked me to select a language and I selected Javascript React. and now all the files are Javascript React with a little react icon

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