I have a task to do chat application like whats-app, but more simple


-Chat between ONLY 2 users -For every contact to get the last message(same like whatsapp). -need to refresh each 10 seconds and gets the new messages only that received to he user.

I was thinking of design to make one-to-many between User and Messages for Each Users there many Messages, and in Messages to save only the messages that related User sent

And one-to-many between User and Contacts(friends) enter image description here But the problem is that in loadMessages I will have to check two user tables and get relevant messages.

and also to update lastMessage to contact is problem. What you think


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My thoughts are:

1:N means 1-to-many relationship

N:N means many-to-many relationship


  • ID
  • Name
  • 1:N Messages Sent (Sender Id on message)
  • 1:N Messages Received (Recipient Id on message)

User Relationships (N:N Linking table)

  • User1 Id
  • User2 Id
  • Relationship Type (i.e. friend)


  • Message Id
  • Sender Id
  • Recipient Id
  • Content
  • Time Stamp

We can only put Receiver ID in here because you said the chat can only be between two people.

If you want multiple recipients you'll want to create a message recipients table with:

  • Message Id
  • Recipient Id

Then create as many rows of this as there are recipients for the message.

You could make it even more generic by creating a Message Parties table:

  • Message Id
  • Party Id
  • Party Type (i.e. user)
  • Party Role (i.e. sender, recipient, etc.)
  • But then every load messages for user will have to pass over all the messages table, this is performance issue
    – Zakk
    Commented Aug 9, 2017 at 9:03
  • Hmmm... OK. Maybe make each live chat its own denormalized temp table, and when it ends persist to the "master" tables.
    – Aron
    Commented Aug 9, 2017 at 12:49

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