I'm using GoLand IDE to code in Go. When I save a file, I'd like that the unused imports disappear (like VS code)

I have enable "Optimize imports" in "Code" -> "Show reformat file dialog". But when I save the file, imports it's still present


Adjusted due to new version of Goland:

The setting has meanwhile moved to the File Watchers. Here you can add a new file watcher at the bottom and select goimports from the list.

enter image description here


Are you looking for this setting?

enter image description here


Setting this to go imports will do both:

  • code formatting
  • updating imports
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  • Hi, I have already see that option but I have setting it on "go ftm" to format code.. Unfortunately it can have only one action during "on save" – matiux Aug 9 '17 at 12:25
  • This is really impossible to use as with Goland constantly saving the source file I'm editing I'm effectively fighting goimports all the time: if I don't type quick enough (and I mean reeeally quick) goimports will just delete the code as I'm typing it… – mat007 Jun 12 '19 at 7:40
  • Goland shouldn't autosave while you are typing. Or maybe you changed that setting? I think the default is: autosave after 15sec inactivity. But I had that issue sometimes as well. Not seen it lately though. Maybe my new Notebook is too fast. – TehSphinX Jun 27 '19 at 10:25

"On Save" tab was removed in GogLand EAP 16.

In newer versions you have to go to Settings -> Tools -> File Watchers and add goimports there.

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For those fighting with gofmt on Goland autosave (mat007 comment)

You can double click the item in file watchers to show an edit watcher menu.

Uncheck Auto-save edited files to trigger watcher and it should now only trigger on manual save.

P.S. Might not be the right place but I have less then 50 rep so I cannot comment :/

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