I'm trying to run a SLURM sbatch command with various parameters that I can read in an R script. When using PBS system, I used to write qsub -v param1=x,param2=y (+ other system parameters like the memory requirements etc and the script name to be read by PBS) and then in the R script read it with x = Sys.getenv(‘param1’).

Now I tried

sbatch run.sh --export=basePath=‘a’

With run.sh:


echo $PWD

module load R/common/3.3.3

R CMD BATCH --quiet --no-restore --no-save runDo.R output.txt

And runDo.R:

base.path = Sys.getenv('basePath')


The script is running but the argument value is not assigned to base.path variable (it prints an empty string).

  • I just know about R so forgive me if it's irrelevant, but if you're getting the output of the script you may want to try cat instead of print as the output of print will start with "[1]" and will leave escape characters in the path ("\\" for "\"). Aug 9, 2017 at 15:09

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The export parameter has to be passed to sbatch not to the run.sh script.

It should be like this:

sbatch --export=basePath=‘a’ run.sh

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