For some reason, when I build my app and run in Xcode, the app will install on my device but it won't launch.

The status bar on top of Xcode says something like:

Waiting to attach to 'app name' on 'device name'

No console outputs are printed. The app does not launch.

How can I fix this? I need to see console outputs in order to develop properly.



This is because you accidentally selected "Wait for executable to be launched" in your scheme settings.

Click on your scheme to reveal your schemes and scheme settings.

Schemes list

Click on Edit Scheme..., located on the bottom.

"Edit scheme..." option on the bottom

Select the Run option on the left and the Info tab on the top.

Scheme options

Within the Launch section, select Automatically and save your settings.

Launch settings


Cause by

Product -> Scheme -> Edit Scheme -> Run -> Info -> Launch automatically

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