I setup a React-Native app using the React Native offical docs. But I keep getting this error message Module JSTimersExecution is not a registered callable module when viewing the app from Expo app in my iphone. The call stack is attached here.

Expo error[1]

I did some Google, but didn't find anything helpful.

Could anyone get this error before?

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I got the same error when i upgrade react-native to 0.47.1, I look the question and set react-native back to 0.46.4, it work!

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    This just avoids rather than solving :) See @Russell Maxfield's answer below for a working solution. – Kevin Cooper Sep 5 '17 at 20:36

Make sure to change app.json to the same expo version you have in your package.json. And also make sure you are using the corresponding React-Native version the the expo version you have installed uses. You may need to upgrade your Expo app. If that doesn't work and your versions match up:

  • Stop your server
  • rm -rf node-modules (maybe even remove your.lock file)
  • npm i / yarn
  • then start it up npm start or use expo
  • then if you started up in the terminal Shift + R to restart package and clear cache, or press restart in expo if you are using that.


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  • Note in addition to updating the expo version in app.json I also needed to upgrade my Expo app on the Simulator itself (I edited this answer to clarify this). – Kevin Cooper Sep 5 '17 at 20:25

In package.json I set react-native back to 0.46.1, that seemed to work.

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If you are using cocoapods for your react-native project, remember to run pod install after you've upgraded react.

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Do you use Expo by any chance? If so, RN 0.47.x is not currently supported by Expo. (source)

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  • It is now with the release of expo v20 – Clintm Aug 21 '17 at 17:54

I ran into this while upgrading expo when I had left the iOS simulator running. A quick restart of the iOS simulator fixed the problem.

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I got the same problem with expo:20.0.5 and react-native:0.47.1. I upgraded react-scripts to 1.3.0. Then I restarted the Simulator and npm start and it worked.

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