See the code below I am having issues with. I have added most of the function even tho I am only getting the error in line 3. Just to give a better understanding of what I am trying to do.

func getTopArticles(_ vc: ArticleListViewController, subCatId: String) {
    var articleDict = [String: Article]()
        "":subCatId, "order":Constants.SORT_CREATED_AT_DESCENDING]) { //Getting error here
        switch $0 {
        case let .success(articleResult):
            if articleResult.items.isEmpty {
                for articleEntry in articleResult.items {
                    let article = Article (entry:articleEntry)

                    // store into search cache
                    Constants.ARTICLE_CACHE.fetch(key: "articles").onSuccess({ (result) in
                        if let dictValue = result as? [String:Article]
                            articleDict = dictValue
                            articleDict[article.articleId] = article
                        Constants.ARTICLE_CACHE.set(value: articleDict, key: "articles")
                    }).onFailure({ (error) in
                        Constants.ARTICLE_CACHE.set(value: articleDict, key: "articles")
                Constants.CACHE.set(value: NSKeyedArchiver.archivedData(withRootObject:, key: subCatId)

                DispatchQueue.main.async {

Getting error in line 3. See error below

Argument labels '(__:,_:)' do not match any available overloads

you are missing the argument label matching for the method call.

The function signature is fetchEntries(matching:completion)

Taking your example above, and adding the our call would look like the following:

 ["content_type": Constants.CONTENT_TYPE_ARTICLE,
            "":subCatId, "order":Constants.SORT_CREATED_AT_DESCENDING]) { (result: Result<ArrayResponse<Entry>>) in // Or anonymous argument $0 as you were using in your example.

Generally, if you see an error telling you argument labels don't match, you can find the declaration in the source and compare to see if you have a mismatch with the naming of your arguments being passed in. See more about argument labels and parameter names in Swift here.

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