I've searched various unicode lists like this one, but so far not found one that lists \0108 which is an alternative dollar sign similar to the font-awesome one, but also there are others from 0101 to 0113 which I've not seen listed.

Are there some undocumented characters or might it be a reference to an icon in a custom font.ttf file? Can the hex references be used with custom font files?

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    "\0108 which is an alternative dollar sign similar to the font-awesome one" Are you sure about that?
    – BoltClock
    Commented Aug 10, 2017 at 10:29
  • Just wondering if it could be a reference to an icon in a custom font.ttf file?
    – Nick W
    Commented Aug 10, 2017 at 10:34
  • I've found the custom ttf file, it didn't show the symbols in Windows Font Viewer but when installed and viewed in the Character Map it does and the codes do correspond.
    – Nick W
    Commented Aug 10, 2017 at 11:01

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You should use this code:

body {font: normal 18px/27px menlo, monospace, sans-serif; color: #777;}
.unicode-list li {list-style: none; border-bottom: solid 1px #ccc;}
.link-list li {font: 300 16px/27px helvetica;}
:before {color: #A0002E; display: inline-block; font: normal 20px/20px helvetica; width: 30px; }
a {color: dodgerblue;}

.mail:before           {content: "\2709";}
.phone:before          {content: "\2706";}
.bigarrow:before       {content: "\27BD";}
.open-quote:before     {content: "\275D";}
.close-quote:before    {content: "\275E";}
.openquote:before      {content: "\201C";}
.closequote:before     {content: "\201D";}
.alert:before          {content: "\26A0";}
.checkmark:before      {content: "\2713";}
.ballot:before         {content: "\2717";}
.black-diamond:before  {content: "\2756";}
.phi:before            {content: "\03C6";}
.bullseye:before       {content: "\25CE";}
.arrow-bullet:before   {content: "\25B8";}
.black-diamond:before  {content: "\25C6";}
.white-diamond:before  {content: "\25C7";}
.poison:before         {content: "\2620";}
.happy:before          {content: "\263A";}
.sad:before            {content: "\2639";}
.command:before        {content: "\2318";}
.option:before         {content: "\2325";}
.shift:before          {content: "\21E7";}
.apple:before          {content: "\F8FF";}
.menu:before           {content: "\2630";}
.darr-1:before         {content: "\21B4";}
.darr-2:before         {content: "\25BE";}
.poop:before           {content: "\1f4a9";}
.star:before           {content: "\2605";}
<ul class="unicode-list">
  <li class="mail">2709 - mail</li>
  <li class="phone">2706 - Phone</li>
  <li class="bigarrow">27BD - Big Arrow</li>
  <li class="open-quote">275D - Open Quote</li>
  <li class="close-quote">275E - Close Quote</li>
  <li class="openquote">201C - Open Quote</li>
  <li class="closequote">201D - Close Quote</li>
  <li class="alert">26A0 - Hazard!!</li>
  <li class="checkmark">2713 - checkmark</li>
  <li class="ballot">2717 - Ballot</li>
  <li class="black-diamond">2756 - Black Diamond</li>
  <li class="phi">2756 - Phi</li>
  <li class="bullseye">25CE - Bullseye</li>
  <li class="arrow-bullet">25B8 - Arrow Bullet</li>
  <li class="black-diamond">25C6 - Black Diamond</li>
  <li class="white-diamond">25C7 - White Diamond</li>
  <li class="poison">2620 - Poison</li>
  <li class="happy">263A - Happy</li>
  <li class="sad">2639 - Sad</li>
  <li class="command">2318 - Command</li>
  <li class="option">2325 - Option</li>
  <li class="shift">21E7 - Shift</li>
  <li class="apple">F8FF - apple (not universal)</li>
  <li class="menu">2630 - Menu (&amp;#9776;)</li>
  <li class="darr-1">21B4 - Rightwards arrow with corner downwards (&amp;#8628;)</li>
  <li class="darr-2">25BE - Small Down Triangle (&amp;#x25BE;)</li>
  <li class="poop">1f4a9 - Poop</li>
  <li class="star">2605 - Star</li>

Useful Symbols:






I found that the system I am editing is using a custom font ttf file and the unicode references in the css file correspond to those seen in the Windows Character Map. I found this post about creating private characters useful.


To answer the question:

Where can one find the list of Unicode symbols that one can use in the content CSS property?

You can find the official list here: https://www.unicode.org/charts/ There you can also search by the hex code of the character.

Another alternative is this site, where you can also search by the character's description: https://www.fileformat.info/info/unicode/char/search.htm

Code Example:

.line-check::before {
  content: '\02705';

.line-cat::before {
  content: '\1F63C';
<p class="line-check">Line Check</p>
<p class="line-cat">Line Cat</p>

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