I am using BottomSheetDialogFragment in my activity, the dialog shows full height in portrait mode but doesn't when I switch to landscape mode.

Portrait Mode

Landscape Mode


public class MainActivity extends AppCompatActivity {

    protected void onCreate(Bundle savedInstanceState) {
        CustomBottomSheetDialog customBottomSheetDialog = new CustomBottomSheetDialog();


public class CustomBottomSheetDialog extends BottomSheetDialogFragment {

    public View onCreateView(LayoutInflater inflater, @Nullable ViewGroup container, @Nullable Bundle savedInstanceState) {
        return View.inflate(getContext(), R.layout.view_config, null);

CustomBottomSheetDialog layout

<LinearLayout xmlns:android="http://schemas.android.com/apk/res/android"



in landscape mode, i have to drag BottomSheetDialogFragment to see the whole content.

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    Turns out it's intended behavior (issuetracker.google.com/issues/37083487). Quote "The Material Design guideline says that the bottom sheet should peek at the height with which the area above the bottom sheet is 19:6. Since your landscape screen is shorter than 16:9, it peeks at the minimum height in the spec." – Bracadabra Jan 9 '18 at 15:33
  • @Bracadabra I don't see the quote you are referring to. – clever_trevor Nov 26 '18 at 23:46
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    @clever_trevor it seems that comment was deleted. – Bracadabra Nov 28 '18 at 10:20

the solution for this issue is.

public void onViewCreated(View view, @Nullable Bundle savedInstanceState) {
    super.onViewCreated(view, savedInstanceState);
    view.getViewTreeObserver().addOnGlobalLayoutListener(new ViewTreeObserver.OnGlobalLayoutListener() {
        public void onGlobalLayout() {
            if (Build.VERSION.SDK_INT < 16) {
            } else {
            BottomSheetDialog dialog = (BottomSheetDialog) getDialog();
            FrameLayout bottomSheet = (FrameLayout)
            BottomSheetBehavior behavior = BottomSheetBehavior.from(bottomSheet);
            behavior.setPeekHeight(0); // Remove this line to hide a dark background if you manually hide the dialog.
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    Don't forget to unregister the listener once the event is fired. – Eugen Pechanec Aug 16 '17 at 6:34
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    Thanks! I had issue with this: blackout is not dissapearing when dialog hides. Commenting out this line helped me: behavior.setPeekHeight(0); – Sam Sch Apr 17 '18 at 7:15
  • Hacky, but it works. This is risky because it depends on android.support.design.R.id.design_bottom_sheet which Google can decide to rename at any moment and would result in broken code. Are there any other ways to achieve this through native Android SDK methods? – Ivan Jun 12 '18 at 21:58
  • @Ivan Your code won't compile if they will rename it in support library. – Divers Jun 19 '18 at 12:26
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    If you're using androidx libraries you should use com.google.android.material.R.id.design_bottom_sheet – idish Nov 12 '18 at 17:11

Thanks to @avez raj and Prevent dismissal of BottomSheetDialogFragment on touch outside I wrote in onCreateDialog().

override fun onCreateDialog(savedInstanceState: Bundle?): Dialog {
    val dialog = super.onCreateDialog(savedInstanceState)

    dialog.setOnShowListener {
        // For AndroidX use: com.google.android.material.R.id.design_bottom_sheet
        val bottomSheet = dialog.findViewById<View>(
            android.support.design.R.id.design_bottom_sheet) as? FrameLayout
        val behavior = BottomSheetBehavior.from(bottomSheet)
        behavior.state = BottomSheetBehavior.STATE_EXPANDED

    return dialog
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    Why does it occur though? In which cases does it get to be this way ? Is there an official way to handle it? Maybe we are supposed to handle it when it's not expanded, in a different way? Or is it a bug? I've noticed a weird bug related to it on the Play Store too : issuetracker.google.com/issues/133809189 – android developer May 29 '19 at 11:11
  • @androiddeveloper, good question, I don't know. BSDF is very bugged view. Especially when it concerns to keyboard. Thanks for your research. – CoolMind May 29 '19 at 12:29
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    But even without a keyboard it was collapsed to a much smaller size – android developer May 30 '19 at 16:22
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    @androiddeveloper, I suppose, they in Google company make weird and buddy components every day. Programmers have to create workarounds for every bug. My ex-colleague also noticed troubles in BSDF in full screen with keyboard and even wants to rewrite with fragment instead of BSDF. – CoolMind May 31 '19 at 7:59
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    @androiddeveloper, probably I will ask him about details, if he changes the code. – CoolMind May 31 '19 at 12:48

The ViewTreeObserver solution did not work for me, but I found a superior solution here and converted it to Kotlin. This one doesn't have the expensive computational waste which comes with a ViewTreeObserver and nicely bundles the functionality into the class.

class ExpandedBottomSheetDialog(context: Context) : BottomSheetDialog(context) {

    override fun show() {
        // androidx should use: com.google.android.material.R.id.design_bottom_sheet
        val view = findViewById<View>(R.id.design_bottom_sheet)
        view!!.post {
            val behavior = BottomSheetBehavior.from(view)
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    This solution is not suitable for BottomSheetDialogFragment as it uses findViewById that is is not attached to any view (it is null in this phase). Also, if you override show(manager: FragmentManager?, tag: String?) (see stackoverflow.com/questions/15729138/…) and use super.show(manager, tag), then you will probably catch an exception. – CoolMind Apr 16 '19 at 11:14

This worked for me and was the cleanest approach:

override fun onCreateDialog(savedInstanceState: Bundle?): Dialog {
    val dialog = BottomSheetDialog(requireContext(), theme)
    dialog.behavior.state = BottomSheetBehavior.STATE_EXPANDED
    return dialog
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  • It will be more helpful if you also post some explanation, for example why you choose this approach. Please read stackoverflow.com/help/how-to-answer – 32cupo May 15 at 7:04
  • In recent apis dialog.behavior is not exposed, it is private – Mohanakrrishna Jul 16 at 4:59
  • It's public. Just checked it out: dialog.behavior.state – MakinTosH Jul 16 at 5:12
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    You can also replace the 2nd line with val dialog = super.onCreateDialog(savedInstanceState) as BottomSheetDialog. – CoolMind Jul 20 at 7:56
  • If you get collapsed state when trying to dismiss or hide the dialog add this also: dialog.behavior.skipCollapsed = true – MakinTosH Sep 17 at 7:52

This is a problem of gestureInsetBottomIgnored. For landscape this flag is false, but for portrait is true.

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