I am trying to achieve token based authentication, for some REST APIs built on Web2py. I am using version 2.14.6(stable). As mentioned in the documentation, I followed the steps and was able to authenticate and retrieve data from the authentication protected resources using JWT. I have done the following steps:

from gluon.tools import AuthJWT

myjwt = AuthJWT(auth, secret_key='secret', user_param="email")

def login_take_token():
    return myjwt.jwt_token_manager()

def get_my_service():

So with this configuration, I am able to get a token when made a call to function "login_take_token" and also get the required data from "get_my_service". Below are the service calls:


This returns us a token say


This returns us the required expected data on successful login.

My question is, as explained in the web2py docs , if the token is expired than we can use the token and make a call to login_take_token to get a new active token. But this below call does not return any token, but only returns 400 Bad Request, with the output "Token is expired".


How should the call be made with the old token(expired) to get a new token.



By default, verify_expiration=True, which means you can neither authenticate nor refresh a token if the current token is already expired. If you want to allow refresh with an expired token, you can conditionally change verify_expiration when a refresh is requested (while still checking expiration for authentication):

def login_take_token():
    myjwt.verify_expiration = False # This will allow refresh with an expired token.
    return myjwt.jwt_token_manager()

Note, there is an additional argument, refresh_expiration_delta, which defaults to 60 * 60 (i.e., 60 minutes). If the time since the original token was issued is greater than refresh_expiration_delta, the refresh request will be denied and it will be necessary to re-authenticate to get a new token.

So, with the default expiration of 5 minutes and the default refresh expiration delta of 60 minutes, you can get up to 12 refresh tokens before you will be forced to re-authenticate (assuming you request a refresh exactly every 5 minutes). You can, of course, set refresh_expiration_delta to a higher value if you want to extend the period for issuing refresh tokens.

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