I have two Web Project.

First was created about 2-3 weeks ago and Second today.

I want to add Web Reference to the second web project.

First old Project Solution View

First old Project Solution View

Second new Project Solution View

enter image description here

In new Project I can't find how to add Web Reference. I can add Service Reference but I don't need it.

From here I can add Service Reference

enter image description here

but I can't add Web Reference Like it was in old project

enter image description here

From where I should add Web Reference? Is there any changes regarding web references?

  • please check this link: marketplace.visualstudio.com/… – pisi1001 Aug 11 '17 at 12:51
  • I already installed it, So i can add Service Reference. – Lukino Grdzelishvili Aug 11 '17 at 13:05
  • Yes, you can add classic web service to your .core project. – pisi1001 Aug 11 '17 at 13:16
  • I am getting this error The service at the following URI does not have any endpoints compatible with .Net Core apps:'C:\Users\Luka\Desktop\Service.wsdl' I was getting this also, in old project, while adding as Service Reference. but i added as Web Reference without this problem. – Lukino Grdzelishvili Aug 11 '17 at 13:34
  • @LukinoGrdzelishvili .Net core WCF client support BasiHttpBinding only. – agua from mars Aug 11 '17 at 16:30
  • Select old project in Solution Explorer.
  • Click 'Show All Files' button Solution Explorer toolbar.
  • Service node will be expanded and you will see the nested nodes with generated code.
  • You should find the link to WSDL file, which describes your web service.
  • To load a service metadata from a WSDL file, select Browse in Add Web Reference dialog.
  • This does not add it in a compatible way. – MotKohn Aug 6 at 22:13
  • What do you mean @MotKohn ? – Dmitry Pavlov Aug 7 at 13:46
  • the generated reference.cs even when doing it your prescribed way with loading the file from old project is not usable and does not match at all what the add reference looked like when using .net>Add References>Advanced>Add Web Reference. See github.com/dotnet/wcf/issues/3750 – MotKohn Aug 8 at 15:44

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