As node.js still lacks important functionality which exists in Java, I would like to use Java instead of node.js, and create the client using a web language (html, js, css..). Electron is cross platform and so does java so it seems fit to have a solution getting the best of both worlds.

Does someone know of a way to integrate electron with java or have a different solution to the problem?


I made something similar, Java back-end with Electron GUI.

You can do it in more ways, it depends from what you need. You can create jars file and then execute it like terminal:


Or you can open a socket communication and talk on a Port. (a lot of documentation: Java (web)socket - Node.js client.io)

In this second way, you can do everything you want, but you have to create your communication protocol.

Your path is not fool, I am very satisfied of the communication and usage in my work with Java + Electron .


I've created a small PoC where Java process is integrated with Electron front-end: https://github.com/jreznot/electron-java-app There you will find a simple TODO List application built with Vaadin/Jetty and Electron.

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