I'm trying to create a bloom filter for a large number of strings from a dataframe - ~120 million. At an average of 20-25 characters per string the total data size exceeds our default spark.driver.maxResultSize of 1GB. I don't want to change the maxResultSize since I'll have to change it again when the size of the input data increases in the future.

Is there any way in Spark that I can stream the data from the dataframe in small chunks and train the BloomFilter by calling BloomFilter.putString()? I also tried using Dataset.toLocalIterator() but due to the nature of the source dataset I had to coalesce it to 100 large partitions, making each of those 100 partitions too big to fit in driver memory.

As a last resort I'm thinking of collecting the data into an HDFS file and reading it with a DFSInputStream but I want to avoid it if there's something built in in Spark.


Spark DataFrameStatFunctions provide bloomFilter implementation:

val df = Seq(1, 3, 7, 21).toDF("id")
val bf  = df.stat.bloomFilter("id", expectedNumItems=1000, fpp=0.001)
scala> bf.mightContain(1)
res1: Boolean = true

scala> bf.mightContain(4)
res2: Boolean = false
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    pls include the import statement in your snippet – javadba Aug 11 '17 at 21:23

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