I have been working with Android Studio for a while. Recently I have heard about kotlin programming language and I wanted to try to include a class in kotlin language to my project.

There is the problem that whenevr I want to create a new Activity for example, the .java class is auto-generated. Also I see no way to cretae a .kt (kotlin) file manually.

So does anyone know how to setup a .kt file in Android Studio, so that I am able to fill it with code in kotlin language?

  • Right Click on java project directory -> new -> select "Kotlin File/Class".
    – pRaNaY
    Aug 12, 2017 at 9:40
  • Putting this here for future devs... After I created a brand-new project (in Android Studio 3.1.3) that includes Kotlin support, I did not have the File -> New -> Kotlin File/Class until AFTER I did a Gradle sync. Jun 30, 2018 at 21:35

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First, install Kotlin plugin in Android Studio. Restart Android Studio.
Now create a new project with no activity.
Then navigate to src>main>java><your_package_name>.
Right Click on <your_package_name>, select New>Kotlin Activity and go ahead with configuration.
Now naviagte to src>main>java><your_package_name>/<activity_name>.kt and open it.
After opening it, you will see Kotlin not configured message.
Just click configure action and run your project. That's it!


One way to do it is by converting Java file to Kotlin file. Open the java class, and from menu bar choose Code -> Convert Java File to Kotlin File.


Get Android Studio 3 preview and when you start a new project click the option to add Kotlin support... Once in your project you'll see options to create Kotlin class when you right click

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