I'm trying to create a dataframe of a csv file that has 4 empty columns. When I open it on LibreOffice or Excel it correctly identifies the empty columns. However, opening with pd.read_csv() ends up shifting the columns' values by one.

How can I solve this? It seems like a problem with pandas read_csv() method.

My code is really standard:

import pandas as pd
df = pd.DataFrame.read_csv('csv_file.csv', sep=',')

I changed the headers and used this:

df = pd.DataFrame.read_csv('csv_file.csv', sep=',', index_col=False).

This solved the problem, but what in my previous headers was causing this?

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    please give the csv file. If it too big, you can upload gist.github.com and post a link. – Haha TTpro Aug 12 '17 at 16:58
  • Try this: df = pd.DataFrame.read_csv('csv_file.csv', sep=',', index_col=0) – MaxU Aug 12 '17 at 16:58
  • Did not work. Still shifting. – Marcos Santana Aug 12 '17 at 17:01

It seems you need the parameter index_col=False to NOT read the first column to index in read_csv, sep=',' parameter can be omitted, because it is the default value:

df = pd.read_csv('csv_file.csv', index_col=False)

Your sample:

df = pd.read_csv('teste2.csv', index_col=False)
print (df)
  Header1 Header2  Header3  Unnamed: 3  Unnamed: 4  Header4  Header5  Header6  \
0     ptn  M00001        0         NaN         NaN        2        0        0   

   Header7  Header8    ...     Header22  Header23  Header24  Header25  \
0        0  -31.573    ...       -0.375       0.0   -64.168   276.586   

   Header26  Header27  Unnamed: 29  Unnamed: 30  Header28  Header29  
0    -0.232       0.0          NaN          NaN     0.702       1.0  

[1 rows x 33 columns]
  • Neither worked. I've no idea what is going on. I can see the empty columns when the csv is opened with gedit. What pandas is doing is a mystery. – Marcos Santana Aug 12 '17 at 17:06
  • I test it now and it works perfectly. So it seems some data problem. If you want, send me your file to my email in my profile, I can check it. Also what is your pandas version? print (pd.show_versions()) ? – jezrael Aug 12 '17 at 17:07
  • pandas: 0.19.0. I'll send a modified version of the file. IP problem. – Marcos Santana Aug 12 '17 at 17:10
  • Just sent you the file – Marcos Santana Aug 12 '17 at 17:20
  • Thank you. index_col=False for me working, for you not? – jezrael Aug 12 '17 at 17:23

I encountered the same problem. Try writing headings on top of each column if there are none. This time, read_csv() also reads the headings and lists them.
After that convert the data frame to an array by


and the headings are gone.


The problems occurs if your line ends with an delimiter (here comma[,]), which creates an empty cell generally not visible in MS Excel. If your csv line looks like this:


then modify it to:


and pd.read_csv(fileName) will work fine.

  • That turned out to be the problem for me when trying to load transactions from a download from Chase bank in CSV format. Striping the trailing comma from each data row solved it. Thanks. :) – Steve Jorgensen Nov 15 '19 at 10:25

I had a similar problem. Here is how I have solved it:

  1. Opened excel file with google spreadsheet on google drive
  2. Downloaded spread sheet as csv file
  3. Read the csv file via pandas.read_csv('filename', sep=',', index_col=False))

Problem resolved.

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