I'm trying to update a specific row in my database. I'm trying to update a single data with a button. But when I run the app the database is not updated and Ive not received any error. What did I do wrong?

Here's my code.

In my java class:

  public void Favorite1(View view){

    loginDataBaseAdapter = new LoginDataBaseAdapter(this);
    loginDataBaseAdapter = loginDataBaseAdapter.open();
    String favorite_1 = "FIZO MAWAR";



My database:

public void updateEntry(String favorite_1) {
    ContentValues values = new ContentValues();

    values.put("FAVORITE1", favorite_1);

    db.update("LOGIN", values, "USERNAME = ?", null);

You do use a where clause but pass null as its arguments. See the docs for the update method. Assuming a column named "FAVORITE1" exists in the "LOGIN" table, the correct usage will be:

db.update("LOGIN", values, "USERNAME = ?", new String[]{username});

If the favorite_1 parameter already represents a username (which I tend to infer from your code), use it:

db.update("LOGIN", values, "USERNAME = ?", new String[]{favorite_1});
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