I would like to copy all of the expanded code found in the "Elements" pane of Google Chrome's WebKit inspector to my clipboard. I'm on OS X.

Here is a screenshot of this pane (on the left side of the screen):

It appears that I am only able to select individual lines or sections, but not the entire text.


I've found the answer to my question. The solution is mentioned obliquely in parentheses in step one of the following answer:

You have to right-click the topmost <html> element, and then click Edit as HTML.

The full code will now exist in a standard, editable text field, where you can finally Select All and Copy the text contents to the clipboard.

  • This doesn't always work. Take the case of the Chrome Downloads history. If you use this method to capture the HTML of the downloads history, you'll basically get a load of styling and no actual links. – Jaberwocky Jul 22 '19 at 14:24

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