In BEP5 said

Contact information for nodes is encoded as a 26-byte string. Also known as "Compact node info" the 20-byte Node ID in network byte order has the compact IP-address/port info concatenated to the end.


When a node receives a find_node query, it should respond with a key "nodes" and value of a string containing the compact node info for the target node or the K (8) closest good nodes in its own routing table.

In My find_node response Of java, the Compact node info bytes is not 26 bytes, why?


The value for the key nodes can contain more than one node as indicated by the quote from BEP5:

... or the K (8) closest good nodes in its own routing table.

8 * 26 = 208 bytes value length with 8 Compact node infos concatenated together.
Many clients even sends the double amount of nodes: 16 * 26 = 416 bytes length.

In practise should a client accept any length that is evenly divisible by 26.

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