I am using react-native-nested-scroll-view combined with react native's scrollview. On some android devices i am not able to scroll till the bottom of my app screen. The app screen is tabbed using react-navigation. The structure of my classes is like - Parent Class


Child Tabs

 <Other Classes/>

When i scroll, my content is present but the app screen is not scrolling till the end. Some insight would be useful. P.S. this behaviour is noted on some android devices. i am unable to figure out if it's a device specific bug or package related. Behaviour is same using flex or setting height for my scrollview or nesting the scrollview.

More code- Parent.

      <View style={{position: 'absolute', left: 0, right: 0}}>
        <Gradient.MainGradient height={156}/>
      <Reusables.Header style={styles.header} user={this.state.nameLabel} textStyle={styles.userName}/>
      <Text style={styles.settings}>Randoms</Text>
      <View style={{height:height-70}}>
        <SettingTabBar screenProps={this.showLoader} onNavigationStateChange={null}/>

Child -

    <NestedScrollView style={{backgroundColor: '#f5f4f4',padding:10}}>
      <comp device={this.state.device} sendData={this.sendData}/>
      <comp showLoader={this.showLoader} deviceId=
      {this.state.device.idx} sendData={this.sendData}/>
      <Choices showLoader={this.showLoader}/>
      <Contacts did={this.state.device.idx} ref="emgContact"/>
      <map deviceId={this.state.device.idx}/>
  • Please share some more code – Paras Watts Aug 14 '17 at 11:02
  • @ParasWatts Done. – Y_J Aug 14 '17 at 11:20

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