I have an ItemsControl using a StackPanel to display a list of items.

I would like a label to appear for each row, but for the content to the left of the label to be defined by a DataTemplateSelector. I do not want to redefine the label for each DataTemplate generated by the TemplateSelector.

Is this possible?

<ItemsControl ItemsSource="{Binding Path=Values}" >
   <v:MyTemplateSelector x:Key="myTemplateSelector"></v:MyTemplateSelector>
    <Label>Test: </Label>
    <!--What goes here should be defined by myTemplateSelector-->

I figured it out. The solution was to use a ContentPresenter element with a ContentTemplateSelector attribute:

          <Label>Test: </Label>
              ContentTemplateSelector="{StaticResource ResourceKey=myTemplateSelector}">

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