The Bing Maps API can include 'Warning' information as part of each ItineraryItem - things like TrafficFlow, UnPavedRoad, and so forth.

However, these warnings don't make it as part of the returned route.

To recreate: In the REST Service Toolkit Test app, change the route waypoint(s) in the RouteBtn_Clicked routine to reflect a route that will have a Warning included. (Test by routing it on maps.bing.com - things like crossing a state boundary, traffic congestion, unpaved road, etc.). Note that there are no Warning-s in the returned Route. However, if you paste the raw REST call in your browser, you will see the warning information included in the raw output.


It turns out there's an error in the JSON Contract provided by Microsoft.

If you change (in the RestServiceModels.cs):

    [DataMember(Name = "warning", EmitDefaultValue = false)]
    public Warning[] Warning { get; set; }

To (note the s at the end of the Name)

    [DataMember(Name = "warnings", EmitDefaultValue = false)]
    public Warning[] Warning { get; set; }

Then it all works as expected.

  • Thanks for logging the issue on the project. Have updated this locally and will push out an update in a few weeks (have a few other things I'm working on for that project at the moment). – rbrundritt Aug 14 '17 at 23:31

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