Download install file Miniconda2-latest-Linux-x86_64.sh from https://conda.io/miniconda.html, install it from command line. There are some questions need to be taken care of manually, like License, install path and adding binary into $PATH. My question is: is there any way to automatically install it by one command? Such as

bash Miniconda2-latest-Linux-x86_64.sh \
    -license yes -install_path ~/miniconda \
    -to-bash-profile yes
  • As far as I can tell the answer below works really well. If it works for you too you should accept the answer to value the effort done by the author! If it for some reason doesn't work for you it's best to write a comment or edit your question! – MBT Aug 30 '19 at 8:21

You can do

bash ~/miniconda.sh -b -p $HOME/miniconda

-b is for for batch-mode, which includes accepting the license, and with -p you provide the installation path/prefix

Seen here

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