I am in the process of deleting an account on my source tree, but whenever I attempt to delete in:

Tools > Options > Authentication

SourceTree doesn't delete the saved password. I need to delete the password as it has the incorrect details associated with the account.

OS: Windows 10


  • Please also specify the SourceTree version and your OS. Commented Aug 15, 2017 at 10:37
  • I have been able to fix this issue by going back a version of sourcetree, it seems the version I am on causes this issue. Commented Aug 17, 2017 at 0:04
  • Here is the related issue on the Atlassian forums: community.atlassian.com/t5/SourceTree-questions/… Commented Aug 17, 2017 at 0:08

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I'll add to @KyleMit answer that you can actually edit this %LOCALAPPDATA%\Atlassian\SourceTree\passwd file and remove only the record you want to re-enter.


I think Atlassian is trying to prevent the same sort of thing as trying to delete a branch that has unmerged commits, in that if the account/password is actively used in any of your repositories, the UI won't let you delete it as that could permanently remove access if the password was forgotten.

So how do you do a --force delete?

  1. First close any open instances of SourceTree

  2. As Pathfinder, pointed out, SourceTree stores some of the passwords using the Windows Credential Manager

  3. Go to Control Panel > User Accounts > Manage Credentials > Windows Credentials

  4. Find any offending passwords and remove them

    Windows Credential Manager

  5. SourceTree also stores passwords in you Local App Data Folder in a passwd file:

  6. Open Windows Explorer (⊞ Win+E)

  7. In the address bar, go to %LocalAppData%/Atlassian

  8. Open the Source Tree Folder and delete the only account+pasword rows or if required delete the all accounts or delete the complete passwd file

    Delete Local File

  9. Open Source Tree and Perform a Fetch before doing anything else.

Further Reading:


For windows:

I solved my problem by going into windows credential manager and deleting the offending sourcetree account.

This is probably a problem with program privileges, perhaps starting source tree as admin will allow it to remove entries from the windows credential manager.

  • Finally, someone mentioned credential manager Commented Feb 21, 2021 at 14:20

I had the same problem. I was able to resolve it by following the steps here: https://confluence.atlassian.com/sourcetreekb/how-to-wipe-sourcetree-preferences-412484640.html

It may be a bit of overkill, but it was the only thing that worked.

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