Language:Java, Framework:Springboot, application-name:abcApplication "21:47:32.133 [main] INFO c.c.abc.abcApplication - Started abcApplication in 12.49 seconds (JVM running for 8.467)"

I am developing a web application with Springboot. The springboot-application outputs the above message when the application starts up successfully. How can I handle this event? I would like to do something when the application's initialization is completed.


What you are looking for is ContextRefreshedEvent, you can create a class and make it component and implement ApplicationListener

public class ServerReadyClass implements  ApplicationListener<ContextRefreshedEvent> {

    public void onApplicationEvent(ContextRefreshedEvent event) {
        //YOUR LOGIC

You can listen to ApplicationReadyEvent too.

public class ProjectConfiguration {
    private static final Logger log = 

   public void doSomethingAfterStartup() {
    log.info("hello world, I have just started up");
  • Thank you very much! – 16cha Aug 21 '17 at 0:06

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