In Settings-Version Control-Ignored Files, I have already specified the mask *.iml.

enter image description here

However, when I click on Commit Changes (Ctrl+K), .iml files still appear in the change list. In the right-click menu of one of these.iml files, I see the "ignore..." button is disabled.

How do I ignore these? It is annoying having to uncheck all these files every time I make a commit. enter image description here

  • Have these files already been 'added'? If so, then you'll have to unadd them before your configured 'ignore' can be applied. You might also consider adding a global SVN ignore for *.iml e.g. edit your local Subversion config file and add *.iml to 'global-ignores' (on Linux your locla config file is ~/.subversion/config) – glytching Aug 15 '17 at 21:24

The blue color means Modified - so the files are already under VCS. And it is possible to ignore only unversioned files.

So what you need is to remove the files from VCS first (using git rm --cached, if you use git, svn rm --keep-local for svn, etc), commit the removal (BTW, be sure to do this outside of the IDE), and then they will be properly ignored.

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