I have an android app which uses firebase authentication (Facebook,Twitter,Gmail,Phone,Email). The following steps I have followed

  1. Enabled all the authentication's in firebase console
  2. Added the app debug and release "SHA-1" & "SHA-256" values in firebase project settings
  3. Downloaded the latest google-services.json
  4. Built the app using release config

The app is working fine in the debug environment, but when it does made a beta release in the google play. I get the following error:

For Phone Auth: "And Internal error has occured.[INVALID_APP_CREDENTIAL:App validation failed"

For Gmail Auth "Developer error in toast message" "An Unknown error occurred" in snacker.

Please help me, I tried a lot. I don't know what i am missing here.

Any help is appreciated.


I see there are so many answers "INVALID_APP_CREDENTIAL" title for firebase. But there is one important step.

  1. Please make sure you have added the SHA (SHA1 , SHA256) Fingerprint in project settings.
  2. Navigate to Project Settings > Account Linking > Google Play "Manage Linking".
  3. Download the latest "google-services.json" and update in the app.
  4. Important: You need to Unlink the app from Google play and link it again.

The 4th step is very important for all other solutions to work. Thanks :)

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