How to pass parameters to a stored procedure that returns multiple records using EF6 - DbContext with SQL Server 2016 stored procedure having encrypted columns?

Using EF 6.1.3, SQL Server 2016 - AlwaysEncrypted (deterministic)

There are a few articles that talk about using ADO .NET 4.6 to accomplish this by using command, parameter objects, but I could not find a way to do it from my EF DbContext.

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//make sure to provide the actual datatype and size on the parameter   
//you can use reflection on the entity to dynamically get/set the property info by a common function.

var paratmeterNames = new StringBuilder();
string paratmeterNamesUpdated = null;

if (lastName != null)
    var lastNameParam = new SqlParameter("@lastName", SqlDbType.VarChar, 60) {Value = lastName};

if (firstName != null)
    var firstNameParameter = new SqlParameter("@firstName", SqlDbType.VarChar, 30) {Value = firstName};

if (paratmeterNames != null && paratmeterNames.Length > 0)
    paratmeterNamesUpdated = paratmeterNames.ToString().TrimEnd(',');

var result = _context.Database.SqlQuery<T>("exec sp_name " + paratmeterNamesUpdated, parameterList.ToArray()).ToList();

//this will make below **calls to SQL DB:**
//exec sp_describe_parameter_encryption N'exec sp_name @lastName,@firstName',N'@lastName varchar(60),@firstName varchar(30)'
//exec sp_executesql N'exec sp_name @lastName,@firstName',N'@lastName varchar(60),@firstName varchar(30)',@lastName=0x01A2256C34F97,@firstName=0x018EE4BD11BA7

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