I need to delete a trigger in SQL Server. Seems like it should be simple enough, but because there is a thing called a "delete trigger", a trigger that is invoked upon deletion, it seems impossible to find resources on how to actually delete an already existing trigger.

  • Just make sure you aren't dropping a trigger that is needed for data integrity. Dropping a trigger because it prevents you from doing something is often a clue that what you want to do is not a good idea. Never drop a trigger without consulting the dba.
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    Commented Dec 31, 2010 at 18:55

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Removes one or more triggers from the current database...

You can remove a trigger by dropping it or by dropping the trigger table. When a table is dropped, all associated triggers are also dropped. When a trigger is dropped, information about the trigger is removed from the sysobjects and syscomments system tables.

Use DROP TRIGGER and CREATE TRIGGER to rename a trigger. Use ALTER TRIGGER to change the definition of a trigger...

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    Fyi. In sql, delete is a row operation, drop is a db object (for example, a trigger) operation.
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  • Yeah, it's really obvious in retrospect.
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  • Remember to add the Schema prefix if it isn't dbo. So if the schema is 'MySchema' write DROP TRIGGER MySchema.SomeTrigger
    – Loke
    Commented Apr 12, 2018 at 16:12

To drop a trigger, this works:

DROP TRIGGER [trigger_name];  

If you want to check weather trigger exist before a drop, then use:

SELECT * FROM [sys].[triggers] WHERE [name] = 'MyTrigger'

For more check out http://www.tsql.info/triggers/drop-trigger.php and https://stackoverflow.com/a/636470/2218697


For SQL Server 2016 and above



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    Looks like you cannot specify [dbo].[Table]. Commented Dec 18, 2022 at 12:49

I can Drop a Trigger with the Following Query

DROP TRIGGER [Trigger_Name]


DROP TRIGGER Trigger_Update

Hope this Must helpfull...

DROP TRIGGER IF EXISTS [dbo].[trigger_name];

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