Whenever i have to execute sql commands in pgAdmin 4 i have to append schema_name with tables. Eg :-

SELECT * FROM my_schema.users //where myschema is schema name

Is there any way to execute sql commands in pgAdmin 4 without schema name, by setting a default schema in advance.

Some thing like this

SELECT * FROM programme

- without specifying schema name with table.

Is there a way to set default schema in pgAdmin 4 for querying in sql tool?

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You can do it in 2 ways:

SET search_path = my_schema, "$user", public; -- For current session only

ALTER ROLE your_role SET search_path = my_schema, "$user", public; -- Persistent, for role

You can also set it for whole database, same way as for role.

EDIT: Just to explain what this does - it will change where and in what order Postgres will search for objects matching object identifiers that did not get prefixed with schema name.

  • Maybe SO is making me lazy. It didn't occur to me just try this in the Query Tool window, until I saw this answer! In any case, thanks!
    – AbuNassar
    Aug 18, 2018 at 17:13
  • 1
    @ieXcept Those are names of schemas that you want PostgreSQL to look into when searching for objects (like table, view) if those aren't prefixed with schema name. "$user" will be replaced by your role name, assuming you have your own schema. Order of those is important, it goes from left to right. Nov 19, 2018 at 7:16

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